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My wife and I forcely purchased a time at Shell Vacation, now call Windham out of Napa California. It has been a disaster since 4years ago, everything they have promised are lies, misrepresentation. We have tryied to use the share out fo Vino Bello where originally been purchased, made reservation two to three weeks in advance. We were put in the handicap section which we have told if there is a change we will be transfered in a regular unit.... Read more

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I have been a Shell Vacation member and now that Wyndham took over there appears to be a slow bait and switch. First at Anahem and Vegas sites that used to offer free breakfast. NO Longer! They used to offer free parking to Elite level member at Anaheim ( No Longer)

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I am victim of the Shell scam getting first duped into it by a boyfriend who thought it was a good investment and stated he would pay for it, then after the relationship ended and he is no where to be found. I paid the loan for 10 years per the contract agreement. I was never to be the primary holder but ended up being that. He has managed to disappear having only paid 500.00 of the 1500.00 down payment. After 10 yrs of payments totaling 25K+... Read more

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This was the hugest mistake I've ever made in my whole entire life. I had just gone through a divorce and I thought this would be a great idea to be able to travel with friends. That would have been great if by travel I meant ONE weekend A YEAR in Napa. They sold it to me by making me think the amount of points I bought could get me a week in Hawaii. I finally paid the loan off, but I am now struggling with paying maintenance fees in the... Read more

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I bought 1000 points last May and was told if I took the Wyndham VISA card I could trade my points in for cash and apply them to my maintenance fee. No dice. I have the exact same complaint as the person cited above. I traded in Wyndham points for $240 last december to be applied to my maintenance fee, but Wyndham has FAILED to apply my credit to the maintenance fee and says I have to pay the total monthly amount until the entire fee is paid... Read more

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i was in svc a#of years ago they tried something similar tried to extend my club time which did not suit me they froze my points as i was returning to my home resort after my 3 year contract expired in SEPTEMBER they wanted every one to pay there fees on the first of JANUARY i got a letter from a collection agency demanding $47 to bring my fees up to 1st month of year like every one else.i accused them of breaking the law.they gave me the... Read more

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I have a paid off loan with Shell through Equiant Financial svcs. Unfortunately, my change of address to Wyndham never was submitted to Shell or Equiant. Then when my Credit card expired they never contacted me to update or they sent the mail to the wrong address. Regardless, the end result was that this company has charged more than 115% of the cost of the maintenance fee and will not reinstate services or waive any fees. I am now looking... Read more

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I owned a Shell Vacation time share and they talked me into converting to the Point System. At the meeting I was very specific and told them I would only convert and pay the extra amount if the points they were showing me for Cruises were per Cabin for two people not per person. The sales person and her supervisor both lied and said it was per Cabin with two people in a cabin. I only wanted to convert because of the points needed for cruises... Read more

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Kathi in WI Bought 7000 Shell pnts back in 2004. Maintenance Fees were reasonable for our family, around $400. They are now $1900!! The Mfees for Little Sweden are less than $900K, while Legacy Golf is $8Million!! We're not golfers yet that's where our $$$ is going. I have sent letters to the Board of Directors B4 their Sept. meeting----last Aug. asking them to get back to me. But, instead, I get a letter stating they RAISED THE MF'S yet again... Read more

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Shell Vacations has a company that collects payments and maintenance fees. Equiant is that company and let me tell you, they are HORRIBLE. Shell backs what they do to their clients 100%, they don't set up payments correctly then charge you outrageous fees too boot. This company is in the process of trying to extort over $1200 on top of the $2000 I've already paid to them. They refuse to answer basic questions about their charges and then... Read more

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