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    • Being lied to when i joined 3
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I owned a Shell Vacation time share and they talked me into converting to the Point System. At the meeting I was very specific and told them I would only convert and pay the extra amount if the points they were showing me for Cruises were per Cabin for two people not per person. The sales person and her supervisor both lied and said it was per Cabin with two people in a cabin. I only wanted to... Read more

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Kathi in WI Bought 7000 Shell pnts back in 2004. Maintenance Fees were reasonable for our family, around $400. They are now $1900!! The Mfees for Little Sweden are less than $900K, while Legacy Golf is $8Million!! We're not golfers yet that's where our $$$ is going. I have sent letters to the Board of Directors B4 their Sept. meeting----last Aug. asking them to get back to me. But, instead, I get... Read more

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Shell Vacations has a company that collects payments and maintenance fees. Equiant is that company and let me tell you, they are HORRIBLE. Shell backs what they do to their clients 100%, they don't set up payments correctly then charge you outrageous fees too boot. This company is in the process of trying to extort over $1200 on top of the $2000 I've already paid to them. They refuse to... Read more

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This was our second attempt to transfer our points from Shell. The first time was for Europe a year ahead of time and that did not work at all. This time held its' own problems. For our three week vacation we transferred over into Marriott through the Interval program but not without a struggle from Shell Vacations. Shell were not truthful from the outset. The info given to us for Florida... Read more

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Don't trust them , got me for 11,000. Anybody want to get together and sue? Call me Angelo 602-826-2823 Add comment

Pressured into purchasing points from Shell Vacations club now owned by Wyndam. Timeshare continues to sell worthless points yet will not refund my initial purchase. In May 2008, my girlfriend and I purchased 1,500 points from Shell Vacations Club West, now owned and operated by Wyndam Vacations. Even sitting down for this meeting was a bad idea. I felt pressured by the sales staff to purchase... Read more

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It is painfully obvious now, that the incessant selling of the timeshares/points ownerships over and over and over ad-infinitum has basically made reservations at most resorts practically impossible. The monthly 'dues', however, continue uninterrupted and with regular increases. These practices are completely unethical and indicate a total lack of concern for the many long time patrons of the... Read more

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My husband and I have had Shell Vacation since 2006. Up until they went under Wyndham resorts, it seemed very easy. Now however (May, 2015) it is nearly impossible to get the weeks or times you want at any given resort. The number of points you need to do anything has gone up and if you don't mind sitting on the phone for long periods of time, you might get someone to talk to. We are... Read more

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My husband and I bought a shell time share in HI. were told lie after lie. The yearly fees keep going up, we are NEVER able to book anything due to lack of availability. Every single year we have to settle for gift cards or banking points. We live 17 miles from one of the CA resorts and have never been able to do a weekend getaway. Basically not one single thing they promised in the sales pitch... Read more

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Shell vacations Rip off. Left us in s swap vacation in Florida with nowhere to stay. Stranded and lied to. Sent to a property that was not on their network. Charged fees higher then Room rentals Add comment

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